4661 Antioch Road Oxford, North Carolina 27565
(919) 691-0265
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Family Owned - Family Operated

And 48+ Years Of Experience!

We are a family owned and operated excavation service out of Oxford, North Carolina. We specialize in fine grading and have over 48 years of experience in all our services!

"I’ve worked with my father in the ever so demanding excavation/construction world since I was 16 years old. For many years we worked for the union and big contracting companies such as Conti Construction and Lombardo Construction. In 1986 we finally decided to open our own business in New Jersey, where we started to learn how to work for ourselves. Many years of success in the North was followed by a complete relocation of my company and family in the mid 90s. Starting our new lives in the South, we established E. Christian & Son of NC, Inc. in 1996.

For many years my father and I worked vigorously to operate a successful business here in North Carolina and create the home of our dreams. In 2014 my father sadly passed away, leaving me sole ownership of our company. 5 years later I'm continuing the efforts to expand and grow this company, but now with my son by my side. 23 years and counting we've successfully been in business here in North Carolina! Eugene W Christian Jr."

If you're looking for affordable, and dependable excavation, hauling, demolition, debris removal, land management, pond services, snow removal... and many other services for your next project - Look no further than E. Christian & Son of NC, Inc. We offer only the best expert excavation and land management, and are standing by to assist you with your specific needs.