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What We Do

Excavation & More

Finding a reliable and affordable excavation service can be a challenging, and time-consuming task. You want experience, knowledge, and friendly service! E. Christian & Son Inc. Has all of this and more. We offer fine grading, lot clearing, demolition, pond services, and all other types of excavation work for both residential and commercial clients throughout our service area.

If you need a new pond on your property, want to clear away an old structure, require fine grading for a driveway, or even lot clearing and tree removal - Trust the pros at E. Christian & Son to get the job done right, and without breaking the bank.

Whether you need an excavator, backhoe, or bulldozer - We've got you're back. Don't wait to get started on your project that requires precise land management - And call E. Christian & Son to assist you with the perfect excavation project.|

Some frequently asked questions about excavation services:

How much will my excavation project cost?

By using proper techniques, safety measures, and performing the job correctly the first time - E. Christian & Son Inc saves you time and money. Each job is unique, and the cost may vary... but we will do our best to keep you below budget for your specific job.

What are the zoning regulations for my property/lot?

We have years of experience in working directly with zoning agencies, and making sure everything is up to standards. You can trust us to make sure that we will follow any and all regulations, and perform your project with precision and skill.

Does an excavation service just move dirt?

Absolutely not. Moving dirt is a big part of an excavation project, but E. Christian & Son is much more than just excavation. From site prep, to helping you with creating a new pond, to hauling away debris from a demolition - We are much more than just quality excavation.