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Our Services

Trucking, Hauling, Dumping, & More.

Tough jobs call for specialized equipment run by skilled operators. E. Christian & Son takes care of your digging and hauling needs with its owned and operated excavation and dump truck equipment. Whether you need demolition, debris removal, materials hauled, or more... we excavate, reshape, haul and deliver materials to help your project run smoothly and efficiently.

Most excavation projects require a dump truck to move and haul bulk items.We will haul away dirt and debris or deliver new materials to your dig or construction site. Whatever your project materials and requirements are, simply call us to schedule our hauling service on the date of your materials shipment and construction.

Hauling and Trucking are two major factors for any excavation project. The capability of transporting and relocating large amounts of bulk materials is a necessity. Choose a service that has the experience, knowledge, and equipment to handle the toughest jobs, and keep your project on schedule, and running efficiently. Choose E. Christian & Son!.

Some frequently asked questions about hauling & trucking:

I have a project that requires dump trucks. How do I know how many I need?

Planning for a project is best left to a professional company with experience in hauling and trucking. Just call us or contact us directly for a consultation and we will help you in deciding what trucks are best for the job.

I need dirt and materials hauled to a project site, but I'm unfamiliar with the area. What do I do?

Again, you can always rely on our experience and knowledge of the excavation industry to assist you with any hauling and trucking requirement. Just give us a shout online, or call us directly.

Can I just haul things myself?

There are several safety procedures and regulations that are enforced about the practices of hauling and dumping. These projects are best left to an experienced trucking/excavation service like E. Christian & Son of NC.